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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


1.  Cook.  Think of it as a cordless crock pot.
2.  Keep food hot for hours!
3.  Keep frozen food frozen (great for the car and getting groceries home in the summer)
4.  Keeps take-out food warm until you get home.  I've actually kept mine warm for up to 3 hours.
5.  Save energy.  Just cook for 15 minutes and put the hot pan in your wonder oven to continue cooking for the next 12 hours.
6.  It won't burn your food.  It just retains the temperature.
7.  Won't dry out your food.
8.  Saves additional energy by not heating up your house.
9.  Cook while you're traveling.  Just load it up and go.   Note:  Be sure you have your wonder oven in a tub, box, or crate to keep it stable.  I actually recommend doing this even when you're cooking at home because the contents are HOT.  The tub helps to squeeze those beads up against your pot, and it also keeps it from being knocked over.
10.  Great for camping, tailgating, or all-day youth events.  Just put your meal in the car and it'll be ready when you are.  Use it to keep food hot, or to transport cold drinks and sandwiches.

How have YOU used YOUR wonder oven?  I'd love to hear from you.

From Solar to Wonder

Hi Joyce,

We used our Wonder Oven for the first time yesterday but not for what you would think.  Allan cooked ribs in the solar oven yesterday.  When clouds brought down the temperature of the oven, we heated the ribs back up in the house oven and then put the pan in the Wonder Oven until dinner.  Worked great!  That’s actually one of the reasons we bought the oven and we are glad we did!

Cheryl Driggs